MANZANITA, Ore. -- A young fur seal was freed after it had been caught in a net and was stranded on the beach in Manzanita Friday.

Keith Chandler, of the Marine Mammal Stranding Network, said the group got a call Friday morning after somebody spotted the seal.

They responded and found the seal wound up in a fishing net. They were able to get it under control, pick it up out of the surf area and safely restrain it while the net was cut off with pruning shears and a knife.

Once it was free of the net, they released it back into the ocean. It waddled off to the surf line, rested, and then went back out when the waves came in.

Chandler said crews don't usually don t see animals caught like that; usually calls come in about sick animals instead. He said this seal was very healthy, but it was tuckered out after the ordeal.

Anyone who may see it resting again on the beach was asked to leave it alone and give it some space.

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