NEWPORT - A large dock has washed up on Agate Beach, one mile north of Newport, according to Oregon Parks and Recreation Department officials.

The Japanese Consulate's Office in Seattle officially announced early Wednesday afternoon that the dock floated away from the country after the earthquake and tsunami.

The dock was sitting at the high tide line Tuesday. A photo of it was sent to the Japanese consulate in Seattle. Experts there said it appeared to be froma fishing port in Northern Japan.

A placard on the dock is written in Japanese, according to a translator at NBC. It lists information about the construction date, a company name, the specifications for this type of dock, a phone number and the name of a harbor.

The concrete and metal dock is 7 feet tall, 19 feet wide and 66 feet long. Shortly after it made landfall, the dock was checked for radiation and was found to be negative.

Scientists at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport have verified that there is evidence of marine life specific to Japan attached to the dock.

There is some concern about potential invasive species exposure. OPRD is working with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to contain this threat.

OPRD is still developing disposal options. Two possibilities are salvage or demolition; both are being evaluated.

Park staff posted warning tape and signs instructing the public to stay off the structure.


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