Seattle City leaders on Monday took a big step toward finishing one of their highest priority projects, submitting a plan for replacing the aging and crumbling seawall.

By turning the plan over to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the clock begins on the project, which the city now hopes to begin late next year.

The city is really feeling like we want to make sure this project is completed by the time the viaduct is demolished, said Jennifer Wieland, the Seattle Department of Transportation's Seawall Project Manager. So we started looking for opportunities to expedite out paths to completion.

The $300 million seawall project would replace the current wall, which is 70 to 100 years old in some places. The new one would use a construction method called grout jetting that involves injecting and blending liquid cement with the existing rock, soil and debris. The method is expected to save time and money.

If the federal government OKs the plan, and if Seattle voters say yes to the necessary bond funding, the project could begin late next year. The city has not released details yet but is expected to put a seawall levee request on the November ballot.

Seattle Seawall Graphics

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