Three people accused of attacking Seattle Police during May Day protests all pleaded not guilty to charges Thursday.

Each of the suspects faces either a third or fourth degree assault charge. Paul Campiche, 23, is accused of throwing a bottle at an officer and kicking another who attempted to arrest him. Robert Ditrani, 23, is accused of spitting on a police officer. Maria Morales, 30, is accused of hitting an officer in the chest.

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King County prosecutors dismissed charges against a protester earlier this week. The 28-year-old male was accused of grabbing an officer's hands and pulling his arm. Prosecutors determined they could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

A 23-year-old Vermont man faces federal charges for allegedly breaking windows at the Federal Courthouse.

SeattlePolice created a special task force to locate as individuals who became violent and vandalized downtown streets during theMay 1 protests. Detectives have asked people to share any photos and videos of Black Bloc protesters in the act of doing damage.

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