MONTESANO, Wash. The suspect in Friday's attack on a sheriff's deputy and a judge at the Grays Harbor County Courthouse Friday was arrested at his mother's home in Olympia on Saturday.

Steven Daniel Kravetz. 34, was arrested without incident, Undersheriff Rick Scott said.

Scott said Kravetz was living in the home with his mother, Roberta. She had no idea what he is suspected of doing until Saturday, and when she found out, she called police.

The deputy's weapon was found inside the home.

The chain of events began at 12:10 p.m., when sheriff's deputy Polly Davin confronted a suspicious person in the courthouse building. The man attacked Davin with a sharp object.

Superior Court Judge Dave Edwards saw what was happening and came to Davin's aid, pushing the attacker against a wall. The attacker then stabbed Edwards.

When Davin attempted to draw her firearm, the attacker knocked her to the ground and took the weapon away from her, then shot her in the shoulder.

Edwards and Davin were taken to the hospital and were released hours later.

The Grays Harbor County Sheriff s Office said Saturday that after the attack, Kravetz ran out of the courthouse and over to a nearby attorney s office. Once there he called his mother. She picked him up, and 24 hours later led police to him.

Scott said the attorney was critical to the investigation and helped identify Kravetz as the suspect.

Deputies have had contact with Kravetz in the past, one in 2005 for a domestic violence offense. He has been in the courthouse before but he was not listed on any court dockets on Friday. Deputies have no idea why he was there or why he attacked.

Kravetz is being held in the Mason County Jail.

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