TACOMA -- Four Puyallup men are headed to federal prison for their roles in a scheme to roll back odometers on cars and then sell them on Craigslist.

In federal court in Tacoma, prosecutors said the group lopped off an average of 95,000 miles on each car they sold and handed to unsuspecting buyers the keys to potentially dangerous vehicles.

Robert Ristick, Miller Stevens and Stanley Stevens were each sentenced totwo years in prison Friday. Ricky Ristick was sentenced to 18 months in prison. All the men live in Puyallup and many of the vehicles were sold in that area.

Justice has been a long time in coming for many victims. The KING 5 Investigators first exposed the crime ring in 2006.

Federal authorities announced they were opening an investigation soon after. It took nearly six years to complete the case.

Charging documents state the men rolled back the mileage on 75 cars but authorities believe the number actually involved hundreds, if not thousands, of cars and trucks.

The judge ordered the men to pay about $130,000 in restitution. The Ristickand Stevens families paid $50,000 each -- a total of $100,000 -- to the court immediately following Friday's court hearing.

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