Amanda Knox is no doubt spending an agonizing weekend in prison. What do you say when you are fighting for your life, your freedom?

When she delivers her speech to the jury Monday a contingent from Seattle will be listening to every word.

Candace Dempsey never expected to become transfixed by the Amanda Knox story. Yet she's in Perugia waiting for a verdict.

What happens next, I'm dying to know is she going to get out on Monday night, which is what I think or am I going to be completely wrong about the Italian people, she said.

Dempsey was a travel writer, but the Knox case changed that.

I wanted to write a book kind of surreal to me, I'm holding this book. Wasn't the book I intended to write, she said.

The book is Murder in Italy. Dempsey says as she watched the trial unfold, she came to believe that Knox and her former Italian boyfriend didn't kill Meredith Kercher - and she made a prediction.

Became convinced that if the forensic evidence were reviewed by independent experts, Amanda will go free, she said.

Unlike Dempsey, Andrew Seliber and Jessica Nichols never doubted Knox's innocence. They've visited her in prison and try to attend as many court sessions as possible.

The pair say listening to the prosecution this week has been hard.

It's very hard because I know that's absolutely not who she is, said Seliber. It's 180 degrees in the opposite direction, but it's even harder for me to know that she has to hear that kind of character assassination all the time.

With a verdict drawing near Amanda's supporters grow increasingly anxious and hopeful.

Dempsey finds herself making a visit to the house where Kercher died.

To remember that it wasn't just a novel or a move but that something terrible happened to Meredith Kercher in real life, and to Amanda Knox as well, and to try to understand how we got to this place that we're in right now, where we have two people in prison for this crime that they did not commit, she said., she said.

On Monday, the defense team can give a final rebuttal. Both Knox and Sollecito can make their pleas directly to the jury.

The case then heads to deliberations and then a verdict.

Whatever the outcome, both sides can still appeal the verdict to the Italian supreme court.

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