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MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- For nine years, their Siberian husky named Takoda has been the Smith's beloved family pet.

My husband got her for me for a Christmas present, and I miss her a lot, says Colleen Smith of Marysville.

Surveillance footage shows a woman pulling Takoda out of their yard last Saturday, and then pushing her into a mini-van. The car then speeds off.

It all played out in the Smith's driveway, but the two suspects didn't realize the neighbors have security cameras all over their property.

The video haunts the Smiths, and now they've turned it over to the police.

When the Smiths came home Saturday evening, the electric fence that kept Takoda from digging her way out was still working. But the top of their fence was broken.

I think someone came to the fence right there, pulled on the fence to look [over it] and busted off the top of my fence, says Ron Smith.

The worst part of the video, is to hear Takoda howl when she's forced to cross the electric fenceline. The collar continues to shock her as the thieves drive away.

It devastates me to think what happened to her and what trauma she may be going through right now, says Colleen Smith. She doesn't know what's happening.

Takoda was not spayed. The Smiths aren't sure if someone wants to use her for breeding, to sell her, or if a theft is related to a call they got from a dog rescue group 9 months ago. The Smiths say someone was concerned that Takoda was locked in her kennel in the back yard for too long.

She was closed in here one time when I had my surgery, says Ron Smith. I had spinal surgery on my neck, and I was in a collar and I couldn't move or do anything.

KING 5 News spoke with a member of the dog rescue group who contacted the Smiths in January. She insisted they were not involved with the theft but said they are fully cooperating with police.

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