SEATTLE -- Seattle's former superintendent has made no apologies, and it appears she made no strong effort to keep her job.

Maria Goodloe-Johnson's contract was terminated by the Seattle Public Schools board Wednesday night, while she remains in South Carolina with her hospitalized mother.

Repeated attempts to contact Goodloe-Johnson were refused, however, she did send an email to Seattle Public Schools' staff thanking them and urging them to stay committed to the children of the district.

I think we've basically as a board felt strongly, we had to deal with this expeditiously and that's part of the way we needed to restore public confidence, said school board President Steve Sundquist.

Goodloe-Johnson's contract was extended last July, and teachers gave her a vote of no confidence.

We made a judgment call that we were best served under Goodloe-Johnson at that time. I still believe we made the best decision with the information we had at the time, said Sundquist.

Sundquist said he believes Goodloe-Johnson had plenty of opportunity to defend herself.

As for the misused or missing $1.8 million, it's launched a criminal investigation with Seattle Police and the King County Prosecutor's Office.

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