SEATTLE -- Even when the team was down 10-0 in the first quarter, the 12th Man -- energized Seahawks fans at Qwest Field -- helped cheer the team to victory.

It was supposed to be a blowout, right? said one fan, adorned in a sparkly green wig. Ha! In your face, Saints!

Outside of the stadium, Amanda and Isaac, a couple who did not have tickets to the game, watched from just beyond the parking lot fence. They could see part of the stadium's large TV screen and they could hear the fans, who told them all they needed to know about the game. Any time the team scored, fireworks filled the air, prompting Amanda and Mike to cheer.

After the game, Heather Kmetz stood on the patio of a nearby bar and offered high fives to every fan who walked by. She probably slapped a hundred hands.

Biggest upset in NFL history, she screamed. It rocks!

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