SNOQUALMIEPASS, Wash. -- Washington State Patrol troopers diligently drove Snoqualmie Pass Tuesday, when several new inches of snow were piling up on the ground.

Throughout the day, vehicles crawled through the pass at 35 miles per hour. Conditions deteriorated quickly, and soon chains were required on all semi trucks and all vehicles without all-wheel drive.

Because so much snow fell, Snoqualmie shut down in the late afternoon for avalanche control.

Troopers know the stretch of I-90 well from Denny Creek to Easton, but others are not so familiar, especially in severe weather.

This morning I stopped for a lady who drove off the road on purpose because she was scared to drive in snow, Trooper John told KING 5 News.

Trooper John ticketed a Lexus that she caught fishtailing on the highway without chains. The driver was given a $500 ticket and ended up abandoning the Lexus on the side of I-90.

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