BELLEVUE,Wash. Icy, steep hills made it tough for firefighters battling a garage and car fireTuesday night in the Somerset Hill Area of Bellevue.

Emergency dispatchers say the fire in the 14000 block of SE 47th Street started in a garage detatched from a home. The flames spread to a nearby car.

Firefighters could not quickly get to the fire because of the icy roads. Some firetrucks couldn't get all the way up the steep streets. Firefighters were shuttled up on the back of a snow plow and they had to carry up the water hoses.

Video from the scene shows a car and garage fully engulfed. Several other homes were nearby and flames were getting very close.

Everyone escaped the home safely. The garage, a car in the garage and a second car outside were destroyed.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but firefighters are looking into the possibility that fireplace ashes left outside in a bag may have been the cause.

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