SEATTLE -Belmont Court apartment managers John Evans and his partner John Morrison gave us a tour of where accused spies Patricia Mills and Michael Zottoli once lived. Was it the perfect apartment for espionage?

There were no laptops, there was no computer, no radios, very homey with no devices at all Ididn't even see a cell phone, saID Morrison.

The two lived at the Belmont Court on Capitol Hill with their toddler son Kenny.

They loved this place because it has lots of space, lots of space for him to grow up here, said Morrison as he showed the master bedroom the couple used as the room for their toddler.

Thetwo bedroom apartment has sweeping views of all that Seattle has to offer.

The coupletold the managers they wanted a place to raise a family.

You wouldn't expect that if there's an alleged spy ring the people living here would go through so much trouble to have a nice place, nice curtains and a wonderful little boy, said Morrison.

But next door neighbor RussBorgnin says their normalcy is kind of what made them a little, weird.

This buildingand this area is mostly youngerpeople, singles or retired folks, not families, he said.

New tenants now live in the apartment and they have no reason to believe the CIA bugged the space, but they can'thelp but wonder.

We were wondering, well did they plant bugs, well where did they plant them?In thesmoke detector? joked Evans.

Themanagers now have two souvenirs toremembertheZottolis by -a complaint about someone watering plant. And curtains, which Morrison says aregoing straight to eBay.

Is there a microchip in here?Idon't think I m going to behanging them, he said.

Evans said lookingback, he would rent to them again, they were good tenants. In 2007, a year before the Zottolis moved into the Belmont Court, officials say they searchedthe Zottolis apartment and found a short wave radio andspiral notebooks containing secret codes. The two had a second child after moving to Virginia. Both of their children will besent to Russia to stay with family.

TheZottolis, who were using aliases,are two of 10 arrested for allegedly carrying out long term deep coverassignmentsin the United States on behalf of the Russian Federation.

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