TORONTO A married Canadian woman is suing her cell phone company, saying its billing practices exposed her extramarital affair and ruined her life.

The Toronto Star reports Gabriella Nagy is suing Rogers Wireless, Inc. for $600,000 for invasion of privacy and breach of contract.

The newspaper reports that in 2007, Rogers sent a monthly bill for Nagy's cell phone to her home under her maiden name. In June of that year, her husband decided to add Rogers internet and home phone service to the house.

The Star reports the following month that Rogers mailed a global invoice to the Nagy home that included an itemized bill for Nagy's cell phone service. Nagy's husband discovered several hour-long phone calls to a single phone number.

Nagy tells the paper that her husband called the number and the person on the other end confirmed the affair.

My husband didn't tell me that's how he found out, he just left, said Nagy.

The statement of claim alleges that Rogers unilaterally terminated its cellular contract with the plaintiff that had been in her maiden name and included it in the husband s account that was under his surname.

Rogers, in a statement of defense, denies terminating Nagy's contract. It also says the company cannot be held responsible for the condition of the marriage, for the plaintiff's affair and consequential marriage break-up, nor the effects the break-up has had on her. Rogers does admit consolidating invoices sent to the couple, saying it saved the couple money and increased administrative efficiency.

Since her husband left, Nagy says she was so distraught that she lost her $100,000 per year job. Her statement of claim reportedly states The plaintiff wept uncontrollably at her workplace ... and became incapable of performing her employment duties.

It was a mistake, Nagy reportedly said about the affair, But I didn t deserve to lose my life over it.

I want others to know what a big corporation has done. I trusted Rogers with my personal information. We had a contract and agreement that put my life right in their hands.

The couple has two children, ages 6 and 7.

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