SEATTLE -- Administrators are still trying to figure what's making some kids ill at South Shore K- 8 in Seattle's Rainier Valley neighborhood. Some parents are keeping their kids home until they know what's been making students and staffers sick.

Some parents continued to drop their children off at south shore school Wednesday morning, including Gina Bowie.

I'm not concerned. I think it's fine, said Bowie.

But some parents threatened to keep their kids out after one student reportedly passed out and others complained of headaches and nausea.

People are sensitive to fumes, so you have to respect that, said Bowie.

This week, the k-8 school closed a second floor wing after a specialist tested the air quality.

South Shore school had their grand opening last September. Since then, the school has received a number of reports of a strong odor that's making some kids sick.

Yes, in my classroom they've been kids who have complained about itchy eyes, said Walter Smith, teacher at South Shore. I have some real concerns for the kids. Sometimes the tests don't always reveal what's really going on.

District officials say they're monitoring the air quality and waiting to find out the results of test done on carpets, concrete and adhesives.

I really trust that the school is doing what they can to manage it and taking the steps to remove the kids from the area of the building that was causing the problem, to put them in a safe space and doing testing, said Sara Jerger, parent. So I feel ok.

Initial results from those tests should be in Thursday, but in could another two weeks for the rest.

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