SEATTLE -- You've probably seen her. She's onFirst Avenue in Seattle, and quick with a joke or a humorous pun.

But soon, the Lusty Lady -and it's famed marque - will be no more. Managers of the adult peep show told employees on Sunday that the doors will close later this year.

We're not recession proof, said manager Geno Cano, We're losing money every week.

Cano says business has plummeted in the last five years, thanks to economic conditions, construction in downtown, the loss of parking, and the rise of internet pornography.

The Internet boom killed us. says Cano.

The Lusty Lady is best known for what goes on outside, rather than inside. It's marquee, with flashing lights, rotated sexually themed phrases which played on current events and pop culture. The managers say many of those phrased were suggested by customers, and employees.

Today, it read The Skirt Locker , and Clash of the Tight Buns in reference to two current major motion pictures.

I like it cause it's old Seattle. I've lived her for 20 years. It's a landmark, declared one woman, as she passed by today.

It's an institution in this neighboorhood, declared another woman.

Debra Seaver, the Lusty Lady's General Manager since 1989, says the Marquee will be coming down when the business closes.

We're taking it with us, she said.

Seaver has set a closure date of June 27th.

The building's owner won't say whether he has any immediate plans for it.

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