Prosecutors filed charges against a Covington contractor profiled in a Get Jesse investigation. John Mulinksi now faces two counts of unregistered contracting in King County, and California may soon follow.

I like what he had to say, he was very smooth, said Michell Young.

And with that, shepaid contractor John Mulinski $13,000 to repair her roof and add a room.

That was in March2006.

Michelle Young: I believed in him so much I just went with it.

Jesse Jones: And where did it take you?

Michelle Young: Down a really, really bad road.

And that road led to a hole in the ground. It represents all of the work Mulinski did to Michelle's Black Diamond home in almost four years.

I would say he's a slick talking individual who is an absolute scammer, she said.

Now King County prosecutors are moving in on Mulinski. They have charged him with two counts of unregistered contracting, once in the Young case and the second count is for signing a contract and taking money to repair the roof for Ryan and Liesl Brown's Sammamish home.

I just want my money back and for him to be prosecuted, Ryan Brown said.

The charges come on the heels of our investigation of Mulinski's businesses that strech up and down the West Coast. He's been hit no less than five times for unregistered contracting by Labor and Industries in Washington, and once in Oregon.

His contractors license in California is currently suspended, andhis company, United Roof Restoration, is also under investigation by state regulators for abandoning projects, failing to timely pay subcontractors and failing to pay for materials.

A source close to the investigation in California tells me that charges could be filed against Mulinski in a Contra Costa County case by as early this week.

None of this information surprises Michelle Young back in Black Diamond. She says John Mulinski kept on trying to perform workeven when sheknewhe did not have his registration.

He kept coming over and wanting more money, and I told him he doesn't have a license any more, you can not work on my house until you have a license and give me my money back, she said.

Mulinski's arraignment for his two unregistered contracting charges is set for Friday in the King County courthouse. If he's found guilty, hefaces a year in jail and a $5,000 fine for each count.

We'll keep you updated.

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