SEATTLE - The young Bellevue mother accused of starving her 6-week-old daughter pleaded not guilty before a King County judge.

Last week, King County Prosecutors charged Brittainy and Samuel Labberton with criminal mistreatment in the third degree. Samuel also pleaded not guilty.

According to charging papers, Brittainy is accused of not feeding her daughter enough. Prosecutors allege the mother has said she didn't want her daughter to be fat, and the father believed the baby was underweight because she spit up all the time. Court papers allege the young mother gave the infant a baby bottle with laxatives.

Last week, Brittainy denied the charge and said she just had a fussy baby who couldn't keep food down. The mother of two girls said she constantly took her young daughter to the doctor because she was worried.

As a matter of fact my, daughter eats more than I do, Brittainy told KING 5 News. If I had one drop of food left in my house, I would give it to my kids before I even thought about myself.

The baby was hospitalized at less than 2 months of age after failing to gain sufficient weight. Officials say she gained weight in the hospital and in a foster home.

Brittainy did not say anything outside court. She was briefly booked into jail and released. Her attorney, David Sorenson, had no comment.

Samuel also appeared before a judge. Both parents were ordered not to have contact with their two daughters unless they are supervised visits.

Child Protective Services placed both girls into foster care in the fall of 2008.

If convicted, the couple could spend a maximum of a year behind bars.

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