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SEATTLE - KING 5 News has learned Monfort is now being investigated on child pornography charges. Investigators say they found massive amounts of child pornography on Monfort's computer.

KING 5 News also now knows the exact content of one of two notes left at the scene of the police car bombings on October 22. Law enforcement sources tell us they believe Monfort wrote the notes, assuming police officers would die when the cars exploded. The author says he's blowing up the cars and killing police as a tribute to a sheriff's deputy trainee - Travis Bruner - who witnessed the beating of a girl in a holding cell by another King County deputy.

The note says: These deaths are dedicated to Deputy Travis Bruner. You swear on a solemn oath to protect us from all harm, that includes you. Start policing each other or get ready to attend a lot of police funerals.

Bruner was suspended for five days. The other deputy has been fired and is awaiting trial on assault.

Seattle Police say the DNA of the suspect in the Oct. 31 murder of Seattle Police Officer Tim Brenton was found at both the murder scene and the scene of a firebombing of several police vehicles on Oct. 22.

Police say theyare certain they have the car, a Datsun 210, and the gun, an assault rifle hobbled together from different parts, that their only suspect, Christopher Monfort, used to gun down Officer Tim Brenton.

We've determined through the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab that the assault rifle found in the apartment is an identical ballistic match to bullet fragments taken from the scene October 31st that killed Officer Brenton and almost killed Officer Sweeney, Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel said at a Monday news conference.

At Monday's press conference, police released photos of the car and a rifle.

Monfort was shot by detectives in the parking lot of his suburban Tukwila apartment complex on Friday. The detectives were pursuing a tip that a car at the complex matched the description of a vehicle seen nearby when officer Timothy Brenton was killed.

Authorities say the detectives opened fire after Monfort pulled a handgun.

Brenton was sitting in a car Oct. 31 with rookie Officer Britt Sweeney following a traffic stop when he was shot and killed. Sweeney was grazed in the neck.

Pugel said evidence recovered from Monfort's Datsun 210 revealed that the car was struck by at least one of Officer Sweeney's bullets fired from her service weapon during the incident.

Pugel said it's believed that a fire in the mobile precinct was the bait to get officers to the scene. When responding officers were approaching the fire scene, two patrol cars exploded in flames.

The fact that he had the diversion of fire to bring them in to be killed by the secondary device on the patrol car led us to believe he meant to kill someone there, said Pugel.

But police say they do not have a motive for the shooting or the bombing of the police cars at the city garage.

Police confirmed that Monfort was a security guard, but had recently lost his job, though it's not known why, and police say they have no record of him ever applying for a job with the Seattle Police Dept.

Monfort had no serious criminal history, but he was stopped by police on Oct 15, driving not far from where Officer Brenton was murdered.

When Monfort was pulled over for not signaling a turn, he refused to answer officer's questions. He ultimately was only cited for expired insurance.

Police are convinced Monfort was planning more attacks. In his apartment and storage shed they found homemade bombs, some packed with nails as shrapnel.

Everything here makes me believe that he was going to cause harm to someone else, said Pugel.

A judge has given authorization to prosecutors to file charges of aggravated first degree murder and attempted first degree murder against Monfort.

Monfort's lawyers are now public defenders, who went to court this afternoon because they've been unable to speak to Monfort.

The attorneys said that not only do they believe their client is in trouble, but that the police are not allowing him his rights.

You have a person who's medicated, who's very suggestible, who's probably very devastated, who's incredibly isolated, who may believe that his family has turned their back, that he has no attorney. And a bunch of officers are standing around him and he doesn't know who shot him, but he knows it's a police officer. Don't you think it's a fairly decent policy to stand around and wait until he says something incriminating? I think that's what this is all about, said attorney Julie Lawry.

Prosecutors said they weren't in charge because it was a police operation and they had no authorization to let defense attorneys in, but now they will clear the way.

Lawry said she had spoken to Monfort's family, and that they want everyone to know that their thoughts and sorrow are with the family of Officer Brenton.

Monfort remains hospitalized in serious condition at Harborview Medical Center.

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