TACOMA, Wash. -- The new marijuana laws in Washington are driving new innovation in business. Thousands of cannabis hopefuls are flocking to the CannaCon held at the Tacoma Dome to share ideas and get their names out in this new industry.

Organizers have called the CannaCon 2014 event a home and garden show with a twist. Participants might not be able to sell or smoke marijuana, but they can find elements for edibles or new innovations related to this relatively new industry, where innovators are already seeing growth.

We ve been around for six years and we are growing at an extremely rapid pace, said Sam May, the CEO of Cabinet Grow. We re seeing 100 percent growth every year.

The 2014 CannaCon brings together more than 100 vendors that are catering to the cannabis industry, from soil producers and hash oil extractors to growing rooms. Businesses can both share ideas and sell products.

Organizers say this is the largest convention of cannabis-related businesses and the first time it's open to the public.

Basically CannaCon is your first business-type expo where you re just doing business; no smoking, no doing live music, no activism or all that and that the public is allowed to come into, said organizer Bob Smart.

Smart anticipates beginning next year, he will hold six CannaCon events throughout the country in cities like Denver and San Diego. He hopes the one at the Tacoma Dome will be a yearly event. He said an estimated 2,000 people already pre-registered for this weekend's event, which happens to fall on the same weekend as Hempfest. Organizers say those who purchased tickets to this event will be able to catch a free shuttle to Hempfest beginning Friday.

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