Panning for gold KING

The show kicked off with Margaret and Suzie testing out a new brand of gold panning kits. Inspired by the hit Discovery Channel series Gold Rush, Pay Dirt Gold Company has developed a Gold Rush Panning Kit, designed to bring individuals a unique experience panning for gold in the comfort of their own homes. Each Gold Rush Panning kit includes:

  • professional gold pan
  • snuffer bottle for retrieving gold from the dirt
  • classic vial to store the gold
  • Certificat of Authenticity

Each bag of pay dirt is sold separately and contains up to $500 worth of real gold. For more information, visit Pay Dirt Gold Company's website.

After doing a little panning for gold, Margaret introduced a story from contributor Caitlin Murphy, who took us on a tour of three breweries making a big splash in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, not just on St. Patrick's Day, but any time friends want to gather: Maritime Pacific Brewing Company, Hilliard's Beer & Stoup Brewing.

Afterward, Caitlin and Margaret chatted about the different types of beers offered at the breweries. Connect with Caitlin on her website: Fit Fab Cities, on Facebook and Twitter: @Cait_Murphy

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