PUYALLUP, Wash. -- The Puyallup 13-year-old killed in what police believe was an accidental shooting is remembered as a loving, caring boy by his family.

Eddie Holmes was shot at a Puyallup house Thursday afternoon. He and four other boys, between the ages of 12 and 14, were handling and looking at a shotgun left unsecured in the home.

Holmes' 13-year-old classmate who fired the deadly shot was booked on manslaughter charges and made his first court appearance Friday. He's being held in juvenile detention until his next court appearance Tuesday.

Prosecutors say they need more time to determine the appropriate charge for the boy; the prosecutor said it's possible the boy might not be charged with anything.

If the boy, who has no prior criminal history, is charged and convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 36 weeks in juvenile detention.

The family of the victim released this statement Friday morning:

Our hearts are broken at the tragic loss of our dear Eddie Zee. Life is a gift from God and we thank Him for each day he blessed us with Eddie Zee. Eddie was a wonderful son- very loving and caring. He enjoyed being with his big brother Jose, his dog Buddy, and playing video games. Our prayers are with the families that are also involved. Legislators need to pass a law against gun violence in America. Our prayers are also with all families that have lost a loved one by gun violence. We would like to thank the Puyallup Police Department for their support and everyone who have prayed and/or called to lift us up.

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