HOQUIAM, Wash. - Just 15 months after it reopened with a grand celebration, the historic paper mill in Hoquiam is set for demolition.

The most recent owners, Harbor Paper, tried to make a go of it by turning out printer paper, but over the last year it fell deeper and deeper in debt.
There will be no more rescues of the 80-year-old plant. Contractors at the mill said the equipment and other items that can be salvaged will be auctioned off next month, and then the demolition teams move in.

Residents told us it is just one more economic blow to a mill town that has been suffering for decades.

I guess they just couldn't make a go of it, now the whole thing's going to get tore down and it's going to be nothing but a big open open lot [driving shot around corner] when you roll around that corner, it's a piece of history, said Hoquiam resident Debbie Pickar.

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