We all know that Marshawn Lynch is known for being the strong silent type, so much so that the NFL fined him for not talking to the media. But a Japanese TV crew landed a rare interview with the Seahawks running back.

Emi Koike, a reporter from NFL Japan, said the first time she called the Seattle Seahawks and asked for an interview with Marshawn Lynch, they declined. But then she changed tactics and tried again.

'Can we get an interview with Marshawn Lynch? Because we brought Japanese candy for him.' And they said 'Oh my gosh, that would be great,' Koike said.

Watch: Japan NFL interview with Marshawn Lynch

The man known as Beast was far from it in the interview. Lynch greeted his interviewers by saying Konichiwa, which is Japanese for hello.

He also shared why he eats Skittles during a football game.

We use it because we know it helps my stomach, Lynch says in the interview. So we put it with the rest of the medicine. It's right next to the Advil, the lip balm, the tape.

He was just great, said Koike. He was really friendly.

Koike says the Japanese love American football, and while historically the 49ers and the Dolphins are the favorites there, things are changing.

The Seattle Seahawks are now getting a lot of fans, because they're going to the Super Bowl, because of Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, West Coast team, she said.

Koike said they shot the interview in November, but it started getting a lot of hits on their website this week.

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