Two apartment balconies in Seattle's University District show that 49ers fans and the 12th Man can be friends.

Adam Lamar and Aaron Labdo met while watching football in their apartment complex media room.

Lamar, a 49ers fan, and Labdo, a Hawks fan, had never met before and started talking about football.

Kind of just moved on to more important conversations and creating a friendship, Lamar said.

Lamar recently finished his term in the US Navy, and admits it was difficult to make friends after returning from deployment in Afghanistan.

He counts Labdo as his first friend in civilian life.

Labdo calls lamar a hero, and so he didn't get upset when he saw that Lamar followed his lead by hanging a team banner over his balcony. Labdo displays a Seahawks banner outside his apartment all year long.

I respect the fact that he's willing to go out in public wearing his jersey and put his flag up, Labdo said of Lamar.

As tension mounts between fans of the two teams, the men say friendship is more important than football.

We might take a few days off where we don't talk about it but by the Superbowl, we'll be back to watching it together, no doubt, Labdo said.

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