Tech, lifestyle and social media expert Jenni Hogan joined Margaret to share social media pages and products aimed at helping people add sparkle to their new year, as well as setting and achieving goals in 2014.

Here are the Facebook pages Jenni shared:

  1. Cozi Family's #CoziChallenge
  2. KING 5 Get Fit Group
  3. Inspirational Quotes by Sean Gardner

Here are the products Jenni shared:

  1. Hair Squirrels - Jenni's nickname for hair extensions that help people look red carpet ready in a flash. Contact her stylist Tommy Gene Harlow for more information, plus ask about the New Day special: $75 for a set of 3 hair extensions, including 15 minute consultation.
  2. Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Medicated Lip Balms by Maybelline - a line of lip balms in a number of fun colors, each for under $5. Baby Lips helps keep lips conditioned and looking full and lucious. Jenni likes to pick hers up at her neighborhood Bartell Drugs.
  3. Gene Juarez Spa Membership: Call their Spa Member Line: 425.373.3715 for more information about this flexible program that offers spa services at substantial savings and can be used at any of the ten Gene Juarez locations.

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