Starbucks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A Seattle-area woman did just that for all of 2013, even on Thanksgiving and her birthday.

Beautiful Existence (that is her real name) challenged herself to only eat and drink items bought at Starbucks or its partner stores for an entire year.

They actually kept changing the food items as well, so it was actually really easy for the entire year to find something new all the time with them, said Existence.

She blogged and photographed her meals, as well as tracked her weight and spending, on her blog. She says she lost a few pounds, but spent about $600 a month on food.

The 40-year-old mother of two kept shopping and cooking meals for her two children during the challenge.

After she finished her 2013 challenge, her first non-Starbucks meal was fish and chips from Ivars.

Existence follows a different life challenge each year. In 2011, she shopped only at Goodwill. For 2014, she plans to learn more about outdoor sports featured at REI. That's about 80 recreational sports.

For 1 Year Of My Life Intro Video from Beautiful Existence on Vimeo.

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