Eastside Catholic High School students haven't given up the fight to save their assistant principal's job.

Then everyone just followed and how do you stop a big group like this from doing that? They can t threaten us all with detention. We re almost on break, senior Julia Troy said.

Students from the school in Sammamish now say they will demonstrate outside the Archdiocese of Seattle, because it's not ultimately the school that makes the rules and they want the rules to change.

Hundreds of students staged a sit-in in protest Thursday after the school's vice principal was forced to resign.

The school confirmed that Zmuda resigned for marrying a man, which broke his contract. Friday is his last day.

The school's attorney said they met with Zmuda on Tuesday to discuss his recent marriage, which went against the church's prohibition of same-sex marriage.

Zmuda faced the possibility of termination and chose to resign.

School spokesperson Sister Mary Tracy said it was a church decision is not a school decision.

A student posted a petition asking for a change in the Roman Catholic Church's stance on gay marriage at Change.org. The petition already has over 2,000 signatures.

Three hundred high schoolers sat in the school cafeteria, refusing to go to class, and took their protests to the street outside.

Faculty said they are proud of the student for expressing themselves, but aren't allowed to comment on the matter.

Everything he s done to bring us together...We have this idea of Agape love at Eastside and I think we ve done a really good job of showing that unconditionally, said Troy.

Tomorrow is a half day at Eastside Catholic before the school's winter break begins.

A student at Holy Names made a sign to join in solidarity with Eastside Catholic students.

The students spread the word about their protest on Twitter using the hashtag #KeepMrZ2013. Below is a selection of those posts:

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