The holiday's are usually about giving and receiving. Michelle Richardson never expected it to also be a time of stealing.

I was astounded to see the people show up at my door and take the package, said Richardson.

It was a gift she had ordered online. The delivery date passed with no sign of the package and when Richardson checked her home surveillance video she knew why.

A truck had pulled up with a guy driving and a young blonde gal got out, walked up, walked up to our front door, picked it up and walked away. I mean, it was all that fast. Within a few seconds, the package was gone, explained Richardson.

Deputy Charlie Akers with the King County Sheriff's Department said his office is looking into the theft. He said thieves know deliveries this time of year are probably worth more and it's not hard for them to track down the goods.

People basically following the delivery trucks, whether it's USPS, UPS or FedEx, following the delivery trucks and once the delivery is made they then pull up into a driveway, walk up and grab the package and take off, said Akers.

What you can do to protect your packages:
- Send them to secure locations like work or a P.O. Box.
- If that's not an option - ask to have it held at the distribution center.
- Also require a signature for delivery.
- If you're an Amazon customer - use one of their secure lockers in the area.

As for Richardson, she was stuck buying that present again.

It wasn't that we're not informed you just don't think that it's going to happen to you, right? said Richardson.

The King County Sheriff's department is asking for help identifying the two people in Richardson's surveillance video. The Ford F-150 they're driving has a special lift gate on the back.

If you have any information you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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