ROY, Wash. -- One worker is still unaccounted for after a grain silo collapsed at the Wilcox Farms feed mill in Roy Monday afternoon, spilling 50 tons of grain.

South Pierce Fire & Rescue Chief Bob Vellias says the worker in his 50s was one of two men doing routine maintenance on the silo when it gave way for an unknown reason around 3 p.m. The other man and two other workers made it out fine. The man is believed to be trapped under the grain and is presumed dead.

Officials do not believe there was any explosion leading up to the collapse. The cause is still unknown.

Vellias said two other silos were damaged in the collapse, raising structural concerns about the other silos filled with barley, wheat and other grains.

A structural engineer with FEMA was examining the silo Tuesday and will advise crews if the structure is safe before any recovery attempts are made. Workers will use cranes and big vacuums to suck out the 50 tons of spilled grain. It could be Wednesday before they reach the body of the worker.

According to records released Tuesday by the state Department of Labor and Industries, the mill was cited earlier this year for six serious safety violations.

The mill is used to mix the ingredients for chicken feed for Wilcox Farms, which supplies eggs throughout the Northwest. Vellias said the mill has been there since the early 1970s and is known as The Mill.

KING5's Liza Javier contributed to this report.

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