A lot of shoppers look forward to Black Friday all year, as it offers a chance for incredible deals. But some scammers have found ways to trick you out of your money.

David Quinlan of the Better Business Bureau joins KING 5 to offer some advice on avoiding these scams.

What kinds of things should we be cautious of while shopping on Black Friday?

Black Friday has taken on a whole new meaning, as we see deals popping up even earlier rather than just on Friday. We want consumers to come in with a game plan. Have a budget, and stick to it. It s so easy for people to overspend during this big holiday shopping weekend.

Make sure you gather as much information as possible about the businesses you are shopping at. Check the website, gather coupons and sign up for email alerts. It s really important to comparison shop just because you see a good deal doesn t mean it s the lowest price you are going to find. Bounce around different stores and take your time.

The internet has made Cyber Monday huge. How do we know what online shopping sites are safe to use?

One survey said that about 80 percent of consumers plan to shop online at some point this weekend, so click with care. This is where the scams pop up. Internet shopping is so convenient, people love doing it so they can avoid lines at the malls.

If you are going to shop online, obviously make sure you go to a secure website, preferably one that you have used in the past. The biggest thing is to not be careless with your personal information. Make sure that the beginning of the web address reads https, that makes it easier to cancel and dispute your transactions.

Tell us about Small Business Saturday, also this weekend.

We encourage people to shop at their small, local businesses. These are the businesses that will actually use your money to give back to the community. It s fun to go around these small stores, and they ve got great deals too.

For more info, visit the Better Business Bureau s website.

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