Police in Puyallup are searching for a group of vandals they say smashed the side mirrors and back windows of 30 cars during a two-day period this week. It's happened in neighborhoods throughout the city.

For the victim who has had this happen to them, it's very frustrating because they're probably going to have to pay out of pocket, and when you take 30 victims, that's a significant amount of money and significant amount of damage, said Puyallup Police Captain Scott Engle.

Julissa Portillo and her boyfriend, Casey Littlejohn, were just two of the many victims.

The couple's two cars were parked right next to each other when they got hit. One is a brand new SUV with heated, electric side mirrors, and they know fixing it won't be cheap.

You get up in the morning, not exactly how you want to start your day, said Littlejohn.

He says their insurance policy has a $500 deductible, which mean both broken mirrors will have to be paid for out of pocket.

We've got a 15-month-old and holidays coming up, and now we have to dig into the pocketbook to figure out how to pay for our mirrors. It's just disappointing, he said.

That's why police are now stepping up patrols and urging neighbors to be vigilant.

if you see people circling the block or joyriding in your neighborhood, be alert, pick up the phone, and call the police department, said Engle.

Right now, investigators don't have a lot of information to go on and say they will need the public's help in catching the vandals.

One witness saw a red four-door vehicle with multiple occupants inside, with a male hanging out the rear passenger side window, holding a metal pipe or a bat as he shattered several vehicle mirrors.

Because so much damage was done to so many cars, the suspects could be charged with felony malicious mischief.

If you have any information that could help the investigation, call the Puyallup Police Department Tip Line at (253) 770-3343.

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