SEATTLE -- Max Romano Weller's passion for sports proves to be bigger than the obstacles he faces. The 17-year-old demonstrated that at Ingraham High School's last football game.

He loves football. He loves Ingraham. He is a big Rams' supporter, said Max's dad, Bob Weller.

Max is a fan and a competitor, but one of his toughest battles started off the field when he was a baby.

Max had epilepsy as an infant so he had seizures until he was probably 10 or 11 months old, said Weller who added that the seizures led to developmental delays.

But when it comes to sports, Max has been a fast learner. He easily memorizes facts about his favorite teams, like the Mariners and Seahawks.

Max's dad found out his son's high school was looking for a fill-in announcer for the Friday night football game and he had an idea.

I shot them a note saying Max would like to do it for five minutes or so, and I got a note back from them that said how about the whole game, said Weller.

It was more time on the microphone than either of them had bargained for, but with his dad backing him up Max took the challenge. From the booth, it was his voice fans heard during the Rams last game of the season.

The guys on the field knew he was up there so it is kind of cool, said offensive coordinator Ken Duncan.

Fan Carmen Frazier told King 5 her ears perked up as soon as she heard Max's voice.

He sounds so happy, said Frazier.

Max's dad said his son has a pervasive developmental disorder. The teen also has a great memory when it comes to sports, and opportunities like the one Max received Friday night allow him to pursue his passion.
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