The Newton-Smith family from Kirkland, Wash. has done it again!Mom and dad transformed 2-year-old Cooper's toy car into Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters.

Dad Jeremy and mom Cory describe the project on their blog:

Armed with a hand-me-down Step2 push car, cardboard boxes repurposed from their recent move, spare electronics from an old vehicle, salsa cups from Mexican take-out, empty pop bottles, LEDs from the local electronics store, and some paint and tape they were well equipped... Two weeks of late nights and long weekends and Cooper s parents saw their vision come to life. They had the GB theme stuck in their heads countless times, their little Cooper can now answer the question Who you gonna call?!?! with an enthusiastic Ghostbusters!!! , and they managed to build a pretty legit Ecto-1 and fully armed mini-Ghostbuster to scare any right-minded ghosts immediately into submission.

CLICKHEREfor the full transformation and more photos on their blog.

Last Halloween, the family turned Cooper's push-car into a Delorean for a pint-sized Back to the Future get-up. The costume prompted coverage from Gizmodo and Buzzfeed, who dubbed Cooper the cutest Marty McFly of all time.

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