GIG HARBOR, Wash. -- Pierce County sheriff's deputies and Gig Harbor police are investigating a shooting in Gig Harbor, where a homeowner confronted a man, then opened fire.

The incident happened on a property on Ray Nash Drive NW. Police say a stranger drove down a private driveway, got out of his truck and started walking around the property. That's when the homeowner of the property noticed him, approached him and shouted, Who are you? What are you doing here?

Police say the man didn't respond. Instead, he started walking toward the house, where the homeowner's family members were. The stranger walked up to the house and actually set foot inside when the homeowner pulled out a gun and shot him in the back.

When authorities arrived, the stranger was transported to a hospital. His condition was unknown.

Police continued to interview the homeowner, trying to determine who the man was and why he was there.

No word on whether the homeowner will face any charges.

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