Construction of a new, separated bike lane in Seattle s Capitol Hill neighborhood is confusing some drivers.

The 1/3-mile cycle track from E. Denny Way to E. Union Street includes bike lanes that are painted green and a concrete barrier to separate drivers from cyclists.

Several no parking signs are posted, but that s not stopping drivers from parking in the cycle track because '2 hour parking' signs still line the street.

The Seattle Department of Transportation says drivers are allowed to park in the marked lane between the designated travel lane and the bike lane if on-street parking is available.

After our story aired on KING 5 Morning News Tuesday, SDOT said it would review the signage along the route. Engineers were seen assessing the roadway on Tuesday morning.

The new track is part of the First Hill Streetcar construction project that will include a one-mile cycle track on Broadway Avenue. It s expected to be fully completed next spring.

The city plans to spend a total of around $4 million on design and construction of new bike lines in 2013.

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