SPOKANE -- Two days after having his late-game tactics in a 62-38 loss at Oregon called into question, MikeLeach had a chance to respond.

The WSUhead coach spoke to themedia following a Cougar Club luncheon in Spokane. Leach said, we're gonna finish all four quarters no matter what .

Oregon Defensive Coordinator Nick Aliotti called Leach out following Saturday's game saying, that's total (expletive)that he threw the ball late in the game, like(Leach) did. You canprint that, you can send itto him,and he can comment too, Ithink it's low-class.

Aliotti's comments, as well as previous critiques of Pac-12 referees earned him a $5,000 fine from the conference.

The Cougs' only second-half touchdowns came in the final four minutes. In the process Connor Halliday set an FBSrecord with 89 attempts, a Pac-12 record with 58 competions, and a WSU all-time high 557 passing yards.

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