Bellingham police are searching for people who took part in a riot Saturday night, attacking police officers and damaging several patrol cars.

Three people were arrested when the melee broke out near Laurel park. One of them, a 20 year old Bellingham man, appeared in court today. Police say he could face charges of felony charges of rioting, and malicious mischief.

Police released photos of shatter glass, broken windshields to three of their patrol units. The cars and the responding officers became the target of an angry crowd.

Bottles, pieces of cinder block, whatever they could find, said Chief Clifford Cook, of the Bellingham police department.

The riot started when police broke up a big block party of hundreds of people, a number of them Western Washington University students. Many of them drifted down the street and their numbers grew.
When police ordered them to disperse, they lashed out.

What struck me about this incident is that so many of the people that were there who were not participating in the violence were just hanging out just to watch, said Cook. As if this was some sort of spectator event.

Elliot Bornemann was driving his parent's Prius through the area that night, when he said it was surrounded by the rioters who climbed on top of the car, denting the roof. The incident was captured on home video.

Police are asking for people to turn in any video from Saturday night's incident.

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