OLYMPIA, Wash. - Marijuana could be on Washington State store shelves by June 1, 2014, according to the Chair of the Liquor Control Board.

We are making history, said Chair Sharon Foster after the three-member board voted unanimously to approve rules for the production, processing and sale of marijuana.

The boarddecided 334 retailers will be granted licenses by the state. Based on population, sellers in King County would be allowed the most licenses, with 61.

Under the rules: pot products will have to include warning labels, minors will not be allowed inside retail locations and all marijuana will have to be tested, approved and tracked by the state.

The board estimates the legal marijuana market will replace about 13 percent of the illegal market when sales begin next spring.

After a year, that percentage could climb to 25 percent, board member Chris Marr said.

For a look at the list of the rules and how many locations will be allowed in each county, go to

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