We learned a lot more about what recreational marijuana will look like on Wednesday as the state s Liquor Control Board announced its I-502 guidelines.

Meanwhile, medical dispensaries still operate in the strange area between state regulation and being illegal in the eyes of the feds.

While the new rules on recreational marijuana are tight and detailed, but medical remains completely unregulated and untouched by I-502 and oversight from the Liquor Control Board.

The confusion came to a head last Friday as a Liquor Control Board(LCB) officer tried to visit the Lady Buds medical dispensary in Black Diamond. The officer was denied entry, and the agency s director has since apologized.

They came in here intimidating, said Angie Rand of Lady Buds.

She says the new regulation of recreational marijuana only leaves them with more questions about where their business stands.

I don t know where we stand right now, no, said Rand. So we re just kind of going day by day and doing what we do.

The officer later emailed Lady Buds lawyer, explaining her intentions were only to learn more about marijuana for when the LCB starts regulating recreational stores.

However, LCB will have no control over medical stores, and Rand says she is always on edge after so many raids to other stores.

We re not trying to hold hands with the liquor control board and be their buddies in order to gain some sort of favor with them, said Rand. We re trying to run a medical collective here for our patients.

KING5 reached out to the officer but she has not responded to our requests for comment.

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