With more and more college students going into debt to pay for their education, lower tuition at community colleges like Seattle Central is a good deal.

Community college students could also make more money right after graduation as well, according to a new study from College Measures.

Researchers looked at the first-year earnings of graduates in Virginia, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee and Arkansas.

In the study, graduates in Virginia who received career-oriented associate degrees earned $2,000 more than their counterparts with a Bachelor of Arts.

In Texas, the difference was even greater. Students with Associate Degrees earned up to $11,000 more right after graduation.

The study also found that graduates from flagship universities didn't make any more than students from regional campuses right after completing their degrees.

For example, students from Colorado State University made $1,000 less than those that went to CSU Pueblo, where tuition was $2,600 less.

On average, engineering majors earned the highest salaries, followed by computer science and business majors. Graduates with degrees in music, photography and philosophy made the least.

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