Carri Williams attorneys brought an expert forward Thursday to prove her adopted daughter Hana may have been too old to convict her parents of homicide by abuse.

Hana was in the process of becoming a young adult, testified Dr. Jordan Haber, a radiologist from New York.

Age is a crucial factor in this trial, since Larry and Carri Williams can only be convicted of homicide by abuse if the jury believes she s younger than 16.

Dr. Haber put that in considerable doubt, using X-rays of Hana s hands and hip bones to determine she was older than her official age of 13. His testimony went for almost five hours Thursday. The most severe charge in the case hinges on the age issue.

The overwhelming vast majority of the findings, in my clinical judgment, were consistent with 15 to 17 years old, he told the court.

Using a magnified X-ray image of Hana s hip, prosecutor Rich Weyrich could not convince the radiologist his assessment may be wrong.

At the end of the day, Carri Williams was back on the stand. Her husband s attorney tried to clarify who was at home the day Hana died.

When Hana took off her clothes, Larry was not there? defense attorney Cassie Trueblood asked.

Correct, Carri Williams answered.

And when Hana was outside walking in the rain, Larry was not there?

Correct, Williams said.

And when Hana finally collapsed on the ground, Larry was not there either?


But prosecutors pointed out that even if Hana s father was absent, his influence was not.

Is it true that if Larry told you that you cannot treat Hana in this way you would have stopped? prosecutor Rosemary Kaholakula asked.

That is correct, Williams answered.

Carri Williams' testimony is expected to continue Friday. She may be the last witness before the case goes to jury.

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