LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- The Sierra Club has asked state officials to demand the City of Lynnwood conduct a soil investigation at a municipal golf course.

The group believes the city has violated state rules on the use of pesticides.

Bill Lider, an environmental engineer and member of the Snohomish Group of the Washington State Chapter of the Sierra Club, said he studied years of pesticide use at the city-owned course and found at least one case of overuse of a fungicide and several cases of incomplete or missing paperwork.

State agriculture officials investigated and confirmed Lider s findings, but called the violations minor.

Lynnwood Parks Superintendent Bob Colinas said there was some paperwork lost during a move of the course s former manager, but said the staff is very careful on how it orders and applies pesticides.

The Sierra Club argues the course s paperwork cannot be trusted and the only way to find out if the soil or groundwater has been contaminated is to conduct a soil investigation.

The Department of Ecology has 90 days to respond to the request.

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