Seahawks fans wear it like a big, blue badge of honor. They re widely considered among the best fans in all of football. A new study, however, shows an upset in the making. Research by two professors at Emory University in Atlanta ranks Seattle as 23rd among 32 teams for fan loyalty.

Seattle Seahawks fans might take some exception to the fact that the 12th Man is in the bottom third of the list.

The students looked more at just attendance because market size and on-field success can skew the results in favor of a team in a big city or that is consistently doing well.

Among the factors they looked at were team box office revenues relative to team on-field success, population, stadium capacity and median income. You can read more about their methodology here.

The Dallas Cowboys, the so-called America's Team is at the top followed by the New England Patriots, New York Jets, New Orleans Saints and New York Giants.

Seahawks fans are 23rd, right behind the NFC West rival St. Louis Rams.

San Francisco 49ers fans are 26th.

The Atlanta Falcons, which hosted the NFC Championship Game last season, is 31st out of 32 teams.

The Raider Nation in Oakland is dead last.

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