Some Seattle Seahawks fans want to leave a permanent reminder of their team for San Francisco 49ers crowds.

A group of Seahawks supporters on Reddit is raising money to buy a brick for the Fanwalk in Levi's Stadium, The future home of the 49ers is currently under construction.

When the Seattle PI first wrote about the campaign on Wednesday, the fan group in the r/Seahawks subreddit had raised more than $200. As of Thursday morning at 8 a.m., the group had more than $630.

The bricks start at $195, with the most expensive option costing $545.

With the money raised, the fan group now has to choose a message to include on the brick. While Go Hawks is a popular option, some within the group are worried that won't be approved by the 49ers.

The fan group plans to donate any extra money to a cause or non-profit of some sort.

The leading suggestion for where to send that extra money came from a 49ers fan. Reddit user DoctorRobert420, who has the 49ers logo as his profile picture, suggested donating extra cash to Bryan Stow.

Stow is a San Francisco fan who was attacked at Dodger Stadium in 2011 and ended up in a coma. He requires help from caregivers and his parents after suffering traumatic brain injuries.

All voting and decision making by the group of donors is taking place in a private group on Reddit, known as a subreddit.

The campaign was organized by Reddit user whoopingchow and also received attention in California from the San Jose Mercury News.

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