EVERETT, Wash. - Saturday cyclists will be at the starting line early for this year's Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, and expected in the crowd is Kathi Sturgeon, an Everett woman with quite a come back story.

It astounds some people, the fact that I even want to ride a bicycle let alone be in this year's STP, said Sturgeon.

Kathi calls the race a do-over.

Five years ago today I was fighting for my life, but today I am training to ride in the 200 mile bicycle ride. It is just amazing to me, said Sturgeon.

Kathi ended up with a severe traumatic brain injury after a training session took a terrifying turn on June 18th, 2008. She was in Northern California, preparing for her first ever Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic when it happened.

A young gal, just 19 years old, was drunk on a Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock, she said.

The drunk driver slammed into Kathi, almost killing her.

They actually considered amputating my leg, so that fact that I still have my left leg is incredible, said Sturgeon.

She has exceeded doctors expectations.

There are survivors like myself who are still living today with an injury that took place five years ago, and that will probably be apart of the rest of my life, she said. I am grateful I am doing so well, but at the same time it was a senseless choice this gal made.

Now Kathi's choice is to get back in the race and finish what she started.

I cant wait. I have to remind myself there are 200 miles prior to the finish line, but I am very excited about it, said Sturgeon.

Ten thousand cyclists are expected to take part in this year's STP.

Here's a story about Kathi Sturgeon that aired last December on King 5.

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