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KING-TV has been around for a while -- since November 25, 1948, to be exact, as KRSC-TV. Courtney Curtin shared some terrific photos on the KING 5 Facebook page from the 1950s and 60s, when her grandfather, Mike Rhodes, worked at KING.

Rhodes started with KING in 1949. His show, Mike on the Mike, was broadcast out of Smith Tower. After Dorothy Bullitt, owner of the KING radio station, purchased KRSC-TV in 1949 and renamed it KING-TV, Rhodes became a broadcaster.

He worked alongside other Northwest talent, including Stan Boreson and Charles Herring. Rhodes played the old man in the closet on King's Clubhouse with Boreson. You can hear him singing along with Boreson from inside the closet in this Youtube clip.

Even after Rhodes retired from TV in 1966, he continued to work off and on for KING hosting the hydroplane races during Seafair until the early 1980s. Rhodes passed away in 2007.

Let us know what you think -- or share some of your own KING throwback photos -- on the KING 5 Facebook page.

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