We're all familiar with the character Rosie the Riveter , who symbolized the women who went to work in factories during World War II, building munitions and war supplies. But thousands of women were also recruited to work as part of the top secret Manhattan Project, helping develop our country's nuclear program. These women were sent to a facility in Tennessee and were ordered not to talk about their work to anyone, not even each other!

Now, decades later, a new book tells the story of THE GIRLS OF ATOMIC CITY through interviews with a number of women and men who were part of the program at a massive facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Author and journalist Denise Kiernan joined Suzie and Jim to talk about the photograph that inspired her incredible project. (See below)

(Photo Courtesy: National Archives)

Denise will lead a discussion and sign copies of THE GIRLS OF ATOMIC CITY: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE WOMEN WHO HELPED WIN WORLD WAR II tonight (Wednesday, June 16) at 7 PM at Elliott Bay Books in Seattle.

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