Whether you need to carry groceries or hit a 95-mph fastball, you can benefit from training with the TRX Rip Trainer.

This lever bar with a resistance cord attached to one end works every muscle in your body at once. Everyone from new exercisers to professional athletes can use the Rip Trainer to gain core strength, improve balance and enhance athleticism.

As a physical therapist, strength and conditioning coach and former captain for the US National Taekwondo team, Pete Holman is an expert when it comes to functional fitness. Holman was inspired to create the Rip Trainer when he was helping an athlete train for the X-Games snowmobile race in Aspen.

I realized he had to have tremendous core strength, he had to have good balance and then he had to have endurance for his sport. And I wanted him to hold onto something that was a handlebar, similar to a snowmobile, Holman said.

One night, while looking up at his closet, Holman realized that the closet rod would make a perfect handle. He ripped the bar from the closet, attached a sport cord to one end and the Rip Trainer was born.

How does it work?

Clip the Rip Trainer around an anchor point, such as a doorway or pole, and hold onto the bar. Step away from the anchor point to increase the resistance and make the exercises harder, or step closer to the anchor point to modify. You can move fluidly in 360-degree space, squat, press and pull to perform thousands of different exercises.

While athletes like Seahawks tight end Zach Miller, tennis legend Martina Navratilova and professional golfer Phil Michelson use the RipTrainer, it s not just for the pros. It is extremely modifiable, so everyone can enjoy the benefits.

It s also ideal for anyone recovering from an injury. Personal trainer Rachel Clarke said she uses the Rip Trainer to help her 70-year-old client get his golf swing back.

Clarke said she also loves the Rip Trainer for helping new mothers like her regain core strength and stability.

I came back from having twins and getting my core back. For women who are coming back from having children, it s a great thing for core, Clarke said.

With the cord attached to one end of the bar, resistance is asymmetrically loaded, engaging the abdominals with every move. Plus, the weight load continuously changes, which requires constant balance work. The design also allows for rotational workouts that help anyone perform both athletic and everyday tasks.

People are used to doing pushups and sit ups and squats. Those are all great exercises, but they are very linear, Holman said. You ve got to add some rotational training into your programming, and that s going to help prepare you for getting those groceries out of the trunk of the car, throwing the suitcase in the overhead bin, hitting the golf ball on the weekends.

Another bonus is that the Rip Trainer is portable. Simply pack it in your bag for a business trip, or bring it with you to the park for a workout. The cord clips around anything, such as a tree or post. You can also work out with the Rip Trainer at home, since it features a doorway attachment.

Along with functional training, the Rip Trainer will help you burn fat and build muscle. Plus, as Holman says, you will have a great time doing it.

Your mind s going to be expanded. You re going to have multiple systems challenging your body; we re going to work on speed, strength, balance coordination and overall athleticism. So be prepared for a challenging workout, a novel workout and, most importantly, a fun workout.

You can learn more about the Rip Trainer from the TRX website.

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