Do you suffer from Pinterest Pressure? It turns out all those great ideas can make some moms miserable.

A TODAY show survey found 42 percent of moms feel Pinterest creates more stress than inspiration.

Overwhelming, and too much, said Erin Lynch, a Lynnwood mother of two. She admits crafts aren't her strong suit-- preferring to live-in-the-moment with her two little boys. Finding the fun and excitement and getting their interest in the moment, said Lynch.

Alissa Long takes it a step further than that.

Long likes what she sees when she peruses Pinterest, but she admits comparison parenting can get her down.

I guess I just feel inadequate sometimes when I'm not able to follow through with the organization, said Long.

On the other hand, tour Sandra Lamb's home and it's like Pinterest threw up all over it.

I've been on Pinterest for a couple of years and I'm completely addicted, said Lamb.

Her home has Pinterest inspired re-painted kitchen cabinets, closet organizing and lots and lots of crafts. And it's not like Lamb has a lot of time on her hands; she just likes to create with her hands.

People are like, 'Can't you just buy it?' And I'm like no, I want to make it! I have that I-can-do-it mentality, said Lamb.

Lamb believes it's all in how you like to spend your free time, which she has little of. A working married mother of two, even she has trouble managing her creative outlet.

It's almost like I'm setting all these expectations for what my life should look like, what my house should look like, how our family should operate.

And as anyone can attest, Pinterest ideas don't always pan out. And for that, there is another website: Pinterest Fail.

Now that we've put Pinterest in perspective, feel free to check out the KING 5 Pinterest page - no pressure.

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